More Horrible

 I've now re-watched Act II of Dr. Horrible. The first few seconds are priceless: Dr. Horrible blinking at the camera, too stunned at what has just happened to even articulate. The pained expression is completely convincing.

“On the Rise” is a good song. I like Capt. Hammer's reactions: brushing off his shoulder where the man at the homeless shelter touched him, cringing from the proximity of ducks (or swans, whatever those are) as he and Penny sit on the park bench. The duet works nicely. Love the harmony.

“Captain Hammer threw a car at my head.”

Love the Bad Horse posse (for what else would you call them?)

“Is that your catchphrase?”

“Thoroughbred of sin” is a great title.

“Goodness, look at my wrist.”

“These are not the hammer.” That crooked grin. Nasty.

“Brand New Day” is a great song, love the quick patter at the beginning. “…when I give you the keys to a shiny new Australia…”

Can't wait for Act III.

Joss has done it again

 OMG, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is great! Last night I finally got to see Act I and now today Act II loaded just fine. Neil Patrick Harris is so perfect. Thanks, Joss! 

OK, had to edit this. Typical Donna gushing fan-grrl post. Sigh. Let's try for something a little more informative, shall we?

And yes, I downloaded it from iTunes. Must. Own. Even if it is from the Apple Empire. Got a season pass for $3.99.

The characterizations are complex, which is something I always like about Joss' work. Billy (Dr. Horrible of the title) is a boy in love. (Yeah, as Scott says, it's always about “There was this girl.”) OK, so he's also an evil mad scientist genius type. But they need love too. Nice opening in Act I, with humor leading, so you know the feel of the piece. I like the inclusion of Walowitz from Big Bang Theory as his moist friend. Great superpower, there. The love songs are mushy, but in both acts, the final song is the kicker. Joss' feel for harmony with multiple voices singing similar lines appropriate to the character works well. The scene where Dr. H is manipulating the van remotely is painful to watch, and NPH plays the right mix of distraction and attention to Penny (who is quite early Willow, I think). Nathan Fillion is skilled at playing guys who are nice on the surface and wicked underneath (well, I think of Caleb; Mal of Firefly is more the reverse). His Captain Hammer is slimy-nasty. (The Dark Horse comic of it really points that up.)

I'll watch Act II again before I post about it.

Joss-i-licious day!

 Wow, first I hear the tail-end of this on NPR this morning: Buffy the Vampire Slayer saved the world and the sanity of NPR's Jamie Tarabay while she was in Baghdad. Tarabay explores why she and others in Baghdad needed the slayer.
And then in

‘s blog, he had a link to the Dollhouse trailer for Joss' new series. W00t!