Join the Club!

Introducing the Joyful Oil Life Club!

If you're interested in maintaining or improving your emotional, mental and spiritual wellness, this club is for you. Membership is free; all you have to do is sign up. Here's what I've put together just for you:

  • Weekly newsletter. I respect your time, so this newsletter is short and to the point. Links to the previous week's blog posts and exclusive information you've got to know about.
  • Monthly webinar and ebook. The webinar will be an hour-long video with an accompanying ebook on a topic related to emotional, mental and/or spiritual wellness. Free!
  • Substantial discounts on classes. I'll be posting online classes on a variety of topics–and you'll get 50% off the already reasonable prices. The first one is Care Less: How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think About You. Many of the classes are accompanied by a workbook and/or ebook.
  • Access to the Diffuser Recipe Library.

Sign up today!