Cultivating A Creative & Positive Thinking Climate Around You

We are affected by our environment. The space we’re in, the sounds we hear, the scents we smell, and the people we surround ourselves with all have an impact on how we feel, act, and think. If you want to get better at creative and positive thinking, you should make sure you create and cultivate an environment and climate that promotes and fosters just that.

Let’s look at Google as an example. They have some of the most creative and upbeat teams on the planet. Google comes up with ideas and concepts no one else has even thought of, and they do so consistently and continually. They do it by creating a corporate culture and climate that makes it fun and easy to come up with creative and crazy ideas no one else has thought of.

While you don’t have to go as far as Google has gone, you should give some serious thought to your environment and the climate you create around you. This could apply to your surroundings, your work space, your home, and even the people around you including team members, employees, and family.

Start with the things that put you in a good mood. Maybe it’s a nice sunny room or a dark office with no distractions. Maybe it’s a plant on your desk or a fun poster on the wall. Maybe it’s sitting in a recliner instead of at a desk or being able to hop on the treadmill throughout you day to get the blood pumping and the endorphins going.

Then, think about what helps you think. Maybe it’s having something to fidget with. Maybe it’s going for a walk outside or listening to a particular type of music. You know yourself and what works for you. What does it take to get you into the zone where work becomes easy and you have your best ideas? What puts you in a good mood? Those are the things you want to surround yourself with.

Start small and keep adding to it. Keep working on it and encourage the people around you to do the same. Slowly but surely, you’ll change the climate of your office, your home, or wherever you are into a most positive and creative one.

Before long, you’ll start to notice a change in yourself and those around you. The nice thing is that this type of change is contagious. The creativity and positivity will bounce from you to the people around you and back. Before you know it, positive and creative thinking will be the new norm, and there’s no telling where that will take you.

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