An Aural Experiment

Listen NowIn the course of my indie publishing journey, I've met authors from all over the world. That got me thinking about how I'd love to hear their voices. Thus, Indie Book Bytes was born.

Indie Book Bytes is a website dedicated to the voices of independent authors. Not just their written voices, but their speaking voices. I researched the easiest way for people unfamiliar with recording technology to record and post themselves reading an excerpt from their book. It's set up in a podcast format, so readers (listeners!) may subscribe to the RSS feed and be notified when a new podcast is available. The links on the site provide a quick way to download the rest of the story.

I'll admit there are challenges in this experiment. So many people say they don't like the sound of their own voice. But in the aural format, busy readers who don't have time to look for new works can have a listen.

We'll see how it goes!

Check out Indie Book Bytes and contribute your own excerpt!