The Pit of Summer

 Not much going on. Another gaming-less weekend. Actually a Carter-free weekend (except for Sunday). We did very little. I was a bit constructive, doing a zillion loads of laundry that had accumulated during the Gruber Advent. (OK, most of it had piled up before, but it was way down the list for had-to-get-done.)

In Sims news, I discovered that a married Sim who is resurrected is no longer married. Or in love. It took me forever to get Rashmali and Christian married in the first place. I even tried Love Potion #8.5, but to no avail. They have a 100 relationship, and their newest children (twins: Fiona and Deirdre) are considered both of theirs, so maybe it doesn't matter.

Mordecai, Zechariah and Kiva are all Freshmen at La Fiesta Tech now. Zechariah is trying to get into a fraternity. 

Could summer get any more exciting?

Denied! and a small victory

No gaming this weekend. But Scott's dad came home from the hospital, which was wonderful news. I spent Saturday playing The Sims 2 until I got a headache.

Yesterday I finally solved the frustration of my two Sims who have 100 relationship scores with each other, live together and are engaged, but wouldn't prompt the “Propose/Marriage” interaction. At last Rashmali Shadebane and Christian Danaher were on a date (at home) and I got the prompt. W00t! I rushed to have the wedding. Omitted the party, so they didn't get the whole experience, complete with honeymoon, but at last they're married. I'm hoping the same treatment will work for Astra and Edward. She's already an Elder now. Chris is the first to be scared by the ghost of Katelyn (known informally as “The Slut”). Stella is now Captain Hero. The top of the Law Enforcement track is a superhero. She flies to work each morning. Funky costume–looks rubber. 


Not much to say. Didn't get to game last weekend (unless you count Settlers of Catan and the expansion T got for his birthday, Cities and Knights of Catan–fun, but not the same). Scott's internet connection to his spiffy blazing new Dell is slower than getting paid by a PDF publisher, so we haven't messaged all week. I'm going into serious withdrawals. Our house painting is nearly done, which will be nice (see pic).

In Sims news, Mordecai has died (again), but in better circumstances. I actually saw the Grim Reaper come for him this time and got pictures of it. What's scary is that the two Sims who live with him, his slutty wife Katelyn and his (or her) cousin Stella Andromeda have a fear of him becoming a zombie. I didn't think much of it, except that it was weird, until I started to play the Curious Brothers' house. Vidcund Curious has as one of his Wants to make a zombie–and the icon for it was Mordecai's face! I sure don't want him to become a zombie. That's way creepy. I know, fictional, but still…Rashmali is once again in college at La Fiesta Tech, along with her [2nd?] cousin Astra Andromeda. She's made it to her Sophomore year. Hope I can get her finished and done without another meltdown of the files. I just won't add any expansions. I've been playing Fox and his sister Dana Anomahlee. I think both of them are about ready to marry–it'll be a really big household. We'll see how that plays out.

Sims and such

Not much going on. We did get to play Mosaic last Saturday. Had a quite entertaining time defending a gnome pig farm in the Underdark against goblin raiders. Scott modded a game from Pathfinder. We had to pick up the miniature pigs and get them to the pen before the goblins got away with them. Really fun and different–and different is the intent in this campaign. Mordecai received another dire warning from the Inquisitor who is apparently tracking him. Yikes! J will be in H'ville this weekend, so we won't get to play, but the three of us will play Settlers of Cataan with the Cities and Knights expansion that they got T for his birthday.

I've become obsessed with The Sims 2 pretty much as I was several years back with The Sims. I suffered a tragic loss of files when we had a mishap with installing the Pets expansion–I had cultivated Mordecai Shadebane (yeah, same name), his wife Katelyn (a Hall of Famer he married) and their daughter Rashmali (yeah, named for J's PC in Mosaic) through Mordecai's death and transformation into a ghost and Rashmali's college career through her first semester of being a Junior. All gone. Sigh. I've gone back to a previous save and complicated things with adding a cousin (not sure whose), Stella Andromeda, and her daughter Astra. Their next door neighbor is kilt-wearing, red-ponytailed, heavily-tattooed Darien Starguard, whom I'm hoping to marry off to Stella. So far, no fireworks, but I haven't played it from Stella's viewpoint yet. We'll see.