Bridges are becoming dangerous in Birmingham. Oh, dear, Pam Huff just got a snowball thrown at her in the studio on ABC 33/40. Quite silly. Snow is winding down in Tuscaloosa, which was getting it before we were.

Some more pictures, taken about 10:45:

Front steps 

Front yard

Yet more snow pix

These were taken at 10:15 am from my bathroom window.

More snow pix

The time is wrong, but this was taken about 9:45, out the front door.
Thomas' car, about the same time, taken from the garage.

More pix soon, the ground is starting to turn white now.

Snow picture

 This was taken about 9:30 this morning of our deck:
snow on our deckAnd here's the same shot taken 15 minutes later: 


It's actually snowing here! We were supposed to have a major snow event early this morning, but it was later than they predicted. I don't have to squint to see it now. I'm really hoping it doesn't interfere with gaming this afternoon, but it's a possibility. It hasn't started covering the ground yet. I'm listening to the live feed from ABC 33/40, and they just said it's snowing in Riverchase.