What tired is

Tomorrow will be three weeks since I had my oophorectomy–difficult to believe. Since I came back to work on Monday, everyone's been telling me, "don't overdo it!" I've been a little skeptical; aw, how could I? I'm going slow, I sit at a desk all day.

Yesterday I overdid it.

Josh came over at 2 to help me figure out some Ektron stuff. Now, consider that I come in at 6:30 a.m. On Monday I hit the wall at around 1. Really no wall-hitting yesterday, and my brain was actually clear enough that I was following when he talked about Visual Basic. But I didn't leave until about 3:20. Congested traffic out to th' county. Stretched out with the kitty and The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club (quirky and fun). My various X-shaped incisions whispered at me at intervals: "yes, we're still here. No, you don't get off that easy." Not major pain, just enough to make me grumpy.

After T got home I put on jammies and cleaned the cat boxes while he made chili for supper (oh so yummy–can't beat Chili-O mix–but yikes, with extra hot Rotel!). I put my feet up and realized I HAD OVERDONE IT. Whew. Naturally I couldn't just sit there, so I started crocheting the funky cap from a 1947 pattern until supper was ready. Then I got a second wind and we went down into the lair to work on Project X.

I really would've liked to sleep in this morning. But Ektron beckons and I have a meeting this afternoon at 1:30. Definitely leaving after it, though. Whew.

I hate whiny blog posts. And now I've just created one. Oh well.