My tweets

My tweets

My tweets

  • Thu, 00:30: Thick, viscous and putrid – The records of the French Academy relate that the town of Chatillon-sur-Seine…
  • Thu, 06:36: Windows bids me “Please wait.” For 10 mins. That can't be good.
  • Thu, 06:42: Network back up after 15 mins. I think. Windows is still welcoming me.
  • Thu, 07:10: Nope, network still down. Hard to do web work when I can't get to anything.
  • Thu, 07:46: Made mistake of rebooting to see if it would help. That would be no.

Here’s how I see it

On the topic of Twitter/Facebook, etc.

I use Twitter to post to Facebook. Keeps me succinct and satisfies posts at two places at once. Twitter is so "it" and fun, I feel like I need a presence there, especially when I start really marketing my work. @dkfitch

I am loving Facebook. I never thought I'd have 90 friends. The vast majority of them are writers from HWA whom I've never met in person. Seeing their status updates about their writing projects gives me a real sense of comradery, and I enjoy seeing what other people's writing processes are.

I have a MySpace page, but never use it. The nasty backgrounds give me such a headache. I'm a terrible web design snob.

I use LiveJournal for blogging longer entries, which then get posted to Facebook.

My website,, I use as a home base. Anyone can get to it and find it. That's where I keep my updated resume and works list.

Each site serves a purpose. I like applications that help me maximize the use of each one for duplicative information, but I try not to duplicate too much.