Yes, first there were lolcats (my fave site: and Apparently there's now lolpr0n (Nope, no link for that. You're on your own, cowboy.). Yikes. 

My idea is lolminis! Yes, D&D minis. I've spent time over the last few months cataloging mine and S's collections of D&D minis (his have been living at my house since I've been running Shattered Gates of S'garde), and when the minis were on my desk, they ended up in fascinating juxtapositions. Like, if you have two ophidians (, you can have them link arms and square dance. Yeah, I know, it's sick.

Development on the new Samford home page has ground to a halt. The powers that be (no, not THOSE powers) wanted feedback from people. Pfft. That's all due today, so I can move on after that. Most of the comments weren't that useful, but they have been positive overall.

Oh, I finished the 6th Dresden Files book last night. Wow, they are so good. I can't believe I was ready to stop after the 2nd one. It really picked up after that.

Our heat pump upstairs has gone out. Ack. And this week is supposed to climb into the 90s. They are coming out Monday to look at it.

Home Page Redesign

I am excited. The design I've worked on for the past couple of days, the one I like, is also one that Philip and Michael both like. Michael will show it to the President in their meeting at 2:30 today. I hope he likes it. [Link removed 8/28/15] because the file is gone.] I had to hurriedly resize it, though, as Michael's monitor is set to 1024, while mine was at 1280. Biiig difference.

Now I just have to make the actual version look like the Fireworks mockup. Eek.

I've been inspired by my latest web book acquisition, Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke. Great book, crammed with gorgeous photography.