Here’s how I see it

On the topic of Twitter/Facebook, etc.

I use Twitter to post to Facebook. Keeps me succinct and satisfies posts at two places at once. Twitter is so "it" and fun, I feel like I need a presence there, especially when I start really marketing my work. @dkfitch

I am loving Facebook. I never thought I'd have 90 friends. The vast majority of them are writers from HWA whom I've never met in person. Seeing their status updates about their writing projects gives me a real sense of comradery, and I enjoy seeing what other people's writing processes are.

I have a MySpace page, but never use it. The nasty backgrounds give me such a headache. I'm a terrible web design snob.

I use LiveJournal for blogging longer entries, which then get posted to Facebook.

My website,, I use as a home base. Anyone can get to it and find it. That's where I keep my updated resume and works list.

Each site serves a purpose. I like applications that help me maximize the use of each one for duplicative information, but I try not to duplicate too much.

An anniversary

[Goth section]
Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Thomas getting out of the hospital after his quadruple bypass surgery. Wednesday he has to go in for a heart catheterization (with the possibility of stents being put in). 

I'm trying really hard not to freak out about it.

At work I've been troubleshooting Revize content management issues for nearly a week, spending time on the phone and gotomeeting session with Akshaya, their indefatigable tech support guy. I really need these issues to get straightened out, because I'm having to edit the Campus Dining website with their lunch and dinner menus every day. Not to mention all the other sites that can't be edited.

I won't even go into my feelings of mild depression about writing. Probably a midlife crisis thing, or more likely just hormones. Definitely brought on by the letter I got from Dark Wisdom, where I submitted a short story I wrote specifically from them which they said two years ago they'd publish. Now they're morphing once again into an annual collection. Don't really know the fate of my story, “Detour.” They've released all submissions and they can be submitted elsewhere and/or left with them. I'm hoping their Elder Signs Press might be an outlet for my 1st novel.

[Perky section]
On the good side of things, however, I discovered two cool things this week. Kaye Brewster, AKA Polopop, has a new virtual album out with her sister called Violet's Revenge. Or that's the name of the “group.” Cool weird minimalist sparely-textured music. Second cool thing is a webcomic called Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida. Highly irreverent, yet actually reverent at times in a surprising way. Plus a goth girl who loves shoes. How can you go wrong?