Mr Algernon Stoneweaver

Mr. Algernon Stoneweaver is always inventing some new device to thwart would-be purloiners of public wealth. Stoneweaver’s Clever Locking Mechanism, shown here on the safe door of a certain well-known public official, remains impervious to attack, as evidenced by the signs of wear. Note that this is the four stage model, with optional indicator mechanism.

Newel post

Newel post of the stairway to the forward observation deck of TPO Eccentric, flagship of the Medusa Peerless Flyer class of airship. Admiral Daniel Tesla-Gray often takes tea with select passengers on this deck, regaling them with exploits of his crew. Rarely does the great man reveal his part in the action, but his faithful valet Redwin ensures that credit is given where it is due.

Coil housing

Coil housing removed from the Model H-371b Universal Steamer Airship manifestor drive. Parts made by renowned engineer Royal Sloan generally don’t wear out, but this particular piece saw action during the Esoteria Conflict. That statement is a sufficiency!

Picture of Passarola